Hotel Booking and Accommodation

We select our hotels with great care. Not only have nearly all been inspected by members of our staff, but we have stayed in most of them. Hundreds of others have been seen and rejected.

Obviously, comfort ranks high among our criteria, together with good service and warmth of welcome. We also set a high priority on charm and style, and the location is an important consideration. Most of the hotels we use are rated as 4-star, with some 5-star and a few 3-star (one is 2-star, but pleases every time).

We invest similar efforts in the selection of restaurants, menus, and wines, aided by staff with a specialist knowledge of these areas. For flights and trains, we try to choose the most convenient departure times. Rail journeys are usually in first-class seats.

We can provide a holiday without international travel if you prefer, allowing you to make your own arrangements. It is also usually possible to make other variations to the package.